We dislike the verification section of the contact form as much as you do. Without it, our email inbox is filled by spam (junk mail) which makes it harder to answer important emails such as the one you are sending.

    Spammers use sophisticated programs called “spambots” that search the internet for contact forms in order to email their unwanted advertisements, many of which that are inappropriate. The CAPTCHA (the verification text) and the color choices are ways that are used to confuse the spambots to block the spam.

    We are very sorry if you have any issues with the verification section. If the CAPTCHA is hard to read try refreshing your browser until you get letters that are readable. If a wrong verification is given, the form will keep your message and you will be given a new CAPTCHA. If you would rather directly email your question or comment, our email address is jj@jacksonfuneralservice.com.