Nov 15, 2021

 Ileana Sherry Ross passed away peacefully at her home on November 10, 2021 after
a long and painful recovery from hip surgery. She had fought a gallant effort to
recover as she did many times in her life from adversities. However, at 90 years of
age, she surrendered.

Ileana was born in New York City to Martha {Blum} Ross and Phillip Ross in 1931. She grew up and attended NYC schools. Following graduation, she obtained a BA in Education from Beaver College in Pennsylvania and her Masters in Special Education from the University of Pennsylvania. She married Dr Edwin Adlerman, a urological surgeon in NYC; they had one daughter, Patricia Ayn. Ileana managed and eventually ran a pest control company with her mother, who founded the company, for many years in NYC. The business was highly successful and was sold to an international corporation from Great Brittan. They were the trailblazers of their time. As there were no women owned businesses or entrepreneurs in that industry at that time. Ileana remained a dynamic, caring, determined and fiercely independent thinking woman throughout her lifetime. After many years in NYC, she relocated to Palm Beach, Fl where she lived for over two decades. In Florida, Ileana became the director of commercial leasing for a large property management company. After a successful career in that industry, she retired to the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina and Laurel Park became her hometown. She loved hiking and yoga, she was often seen in Laurel Green Park or Rhododendron Park with her daschunds for the last 20 years. Even her residence in Laurel Park displayed her love of dogs and all animals. Ileana became a member of a 12-step fellowship AA in 1986 and remained very active in the program up until her passing. She was a mentor and a guide for many suffering from substance abuse. She was a contributor to several programs in the country that treated substance abuse. An avid reader she collected books on spiritualty, personal growth, history, art, travel. Ileana collected many antiques during her years of travel abroad. This also became a hobby for her. She maintained a very strong spiritual life and connection to God. She practiced spiritual meditation on a daily basis. Ileana is survived by her loving daughter Patricia Adlerman Kirkman and her husband Michael of Flat Rock, North Carolina; her cousins Carole Frank Sklar and her husband Malcolm of Palm Beach, Fl and New Canaan, CT; Bernard Blum and his
wife Diane of Boca Raton, Fl and Silver Springs, MD. And her most recent daschund, Mr. Kash.
She loved her family dearly and remained very close to them until her death. Her fierce honesty, transparency, compassion and generosity will be missed greatly by
all those that had the opportunity to know her.
May she rest in peace.

Her favorite charities include: The Humane Society of Highlands Cashiers Wounded Warriors.