Founder of Jackson Funeral Service, Mr. Clyde S. Jackson

In 1949, Hendersonville, North Carolina was a different place. A small town nestled in the midst of a farming community. As the town grew, so did the need for an additional Funeral Home. In July of 1949, Clyde S. Jackson established the new Jackson-Thompson Funeral Home with the help of several partners. Years later Clyde bought out his partners and it became Jackson Funeral Home.

Through the Years

In the earliest days of the industry, the local funeral homes also provided the only ambulance service in town. This would continue into the late 1970’s when Henderson County officially took over ambulance services. In 1961, Clyde added the “Chapel in the Pines” to the original building. In 1994, the Jackson’s expanded their services by adding an on-site crematory to the property. At this time, the business name changed from Jackson Funeral Home to Jackson Funeral Service & Crematory.

All In the Family

Our business has always been a family affair. Clyde along with his wife, Kate Garren-Jackson and their two sons, Charles and Fred Jackson, were all part of the Jackson staff. As the business evolved, the next generation of Jackson’s took the mantle. Clyde’s grandchildren James C. “Jay” Jackson and Jennifer Jackson-Erwin were also learning the family business.

Current owner Jay, with father Fred and a painting of his Grandparents Clyde and Kate

Today, the business Clyde started over 75 years ago is still in the family’s hands. Clyde, Fred, and Charles have all retired. Since 2006, the business has been professionally managed by Clyde’s grandson Jay Jackson. He continues to follow the family tradition of impeccable service and community involvement, all while leading the company into the 21st century. Just like his grandfather, Jay welcomes the people of Western North Carolina into our home.

From 1949 through today, Jackson Funeral Service & Crematory has become the family tradition of Henderson County.