Apr 30, 2020

Dennis Eugene Bergman was born on June 21, 1935 to Whilham and Hilda in Chicago, Illinois joining brother, Richard “Dick” and sister Beverly.

While in elementary school, their family moved to Chunky, Mississippi. Mr. and Mrs. Smith noticed that he was fascinated with their farm and invited him to live with them. He spent many happy days working, riding bikes and swimming with their son Doyle.

After his father’s death, he dropped out of high school to work at a gas station. He enjoyed talking to everyone and learning about their cars. This began a life long love for all things mechanical.

Fearing the draft and while he still had a choice, he enlisted in the Navy, figuring that warm meals and a comfortable bed were better than marching everywhere in the Army. After boot camp and electrical school, he was assigned to the Piedmont and later to the Hollister, visiting many forgien places. He received 3 medals from his time of service and loved telling how he was a part of saving the Navy a lot of money by rewiring a main generator at sea.

Although he had a GED, his commanding officer sent him to a local school to earn a high school diploma and there he met Helen Post.

They fell in love and after his discharge from the Navy, they were married and settled in Avon Park, Florida before moving to Mount Vernon, Ohio. The marriage was blessed with three children, Denise, Kenneth and Joseph. Dennis worked at a variety of jobs, however after a back injury requireing surgery, he became disabled.

He was proud of his children and was always ready to support their dreams and goals to the best of his ability. He loved his family. He was always ready to travel for a wedding, graduation, reunion or just to visit.

Over 30 years ago, he moved to Hendersonville, NC to be closer to his grandchildren. He enjoyed taking them places to visit, learn and explore God’s world.

He is survived by his sons, Kenneth and Joseph as well as daughter Denise Barnwell, along with seven grandchildren and ten great-grandchildren.

The family has plans for a memorial service sometime in the future at Upward SDA Church were he was a member.