Jul 8, 2024

Joanne Adams, 75, of Hendersonville passed away Monday, July 8, 2024.

She was born on June 3rd 1949 in Ware, Massachusetts, the second child of four, and first daughter, of two wonderful parents.  After a short stay in Ware the family moved to Greensburg, PA and eventually to Silver Spring, Maryland where Jo spent most of her growing up years.  

In September 1968 Jo met the love of her life, Clint Adams, while on a blind date at the US Naval Academy in Annapoils, Maryland.  They dated for the next two years and were married June 6, 1970.  Always supportive of her husbands career the next few years were filled with adventure including her traveling to meet Clint during various port visits in Athens, Greece and a full six weeks of discovering the various countries of South America, catching up with Clint during his ships port visits.  In 1975 they moved to San Diego, CA and shortly thereafter began the expansion of the family resulting in three daughters and one son.  Throughout the next several years Jo focused primarily on raising the family.  With her parents moving to the west coast she took advantage of their support and was able to see many other parts of the world visiting her husband during port visits in Hawaii, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China and Mexico.  Over the course of her life Jo has traveled to all 50 states of the United States.  Through all of this , Jo was an avid kayaker around the country.

While the kids were in school Jo was very active as a volunteer and spent time working with young children needing help with their reading.  Additionally she became very active in the PTA and eventually was elected as the District Presdent,  As they grew older Jo began volunteering with Hospice and following Clints retirement from the Navy and their move in 1995 to Roanoke, VA she began a long and dedicated journey spaning 20 years as a Guardian Ad Litum/ Court Appointed Special Advocate with the Juvinile Court in Roanoke and beginning in 2002, Snohomish, Wa.  She supported many young children during this time.  As a Nana Jo has enjoyed the love of her 11 grandchildren as she shared in their spirited lives.

Her move to Hendersonville was a result of her long term medical needs which resulted in her joining the community at Carolina Reserve-Hendersonville followed by The Laurels where she has florished in the love and warmth of the care she receives.

Services will be announced.