Oct 25, 2023

Bonnie Oleen Smith Mabry, 90, of Hendersonville, passed away Wednesday October 25, 2023.

She was preceded in death by her parents, Albert T Smith and Rosa Smith; one sister, Metty Morris;  three brothers, Walter Smith, Estel Smith and Franklin Smith.

Bonnie was married in August 1953 to Robert Alton Mabry .  “Alton” was from Norwood NC and just recently passed away on June 3 of 2022 at the age of 92.

Bonnie was the four-star home maker that should had been on the cover of Good Housekeeping or Southern Living magazines.  She was a master at sewing clothes and handmade quilting items.  She would get the patterns, bulk cloth (by the roll) and all other accessories, then go to work.  From her sewing room would come pants, dresses, coats, shirts, quilts and afghans.  All put together with the mother’s love.

As a wife, Bonnie was always supportive of Alton’s interest and activities.  Each year was the BIG garden that dad planted and maintained with the help of Bonnie and the two sons.  Bonnie did the majority of the picking and canning of the garden vegetables and fruits.  Some of the best jellies, preserves and apple butter in Henderson County came from her small kitchen.

Bonnie has been a faithful member of the Mills River Baptist and Boylston Baptist Churches.  Throughout Bonnie’s service for our Lord, she fulfilled the roles as Sunday School Teacher, Youth Group Leader, Missions Board, and so much more.  As a mom, she always lived by example to show her children the way of our Lord.  No bad words allowed in her house or else your mouth would be washed with soap, several times.

Bonnie was the main organizer and cook for the family camping trips.  Many memories of camping in a 1966 Ford Galaxy 500 (four-door) with homemade roof rack and storage system.  Some of those trips were wet and cold, but a lot of fun and always some great home-made meals from Bonnie’s camping kitchen

Bonnie and the boys always helped with raising beef cattle on the farm for many years.  Many memories of getting up before school, and bottle-feeding baby calves.  Then again in the evening.  Picking corn, by hand to make our own cattle feed.  Yes, there were also other more unpleasant and smelling work in the barn.  Cutting and bailing hay.  Sounds like the Walton’s.  But I never did complain when mom cooked the T-bone steaks for Sunday lunch.

Bonnie is survived by her loving children and grandchildren, Bob Mabry married to Diane of Hendersonville, NC and their daughter, Meagan Mabry and Claude Mabry married to Robin Mabry of Fort Mill, SC and their sons, Josh and Mitch Mabry.  Bonnie is also survived by numerous nieces and nephews which the majority still live in Stanly County near Bonnie’s birthplace.

A funeral service will be at 2:00PM Saturday, October 28, 2023 in the J. Fred Jackson Memorial Chapel of Jackson Funeral Service. The reverend James Burress will officiate.

Donations may be made to Boylston Baptist Church.

Jackson Funeral Service is honored to serve the Mabry family.